50 free watercolor background for your website or project.

50 free watercolor background for your website or project.

Looking for some beautiful free watercolor background for your website or project? Vediaza has you covered. Find the perfect website background from our massive collection of professional-quality images. Each is free to use!

Of course, there are many backgrounds outside there, but sometimes you just want something more, something that just screams creativity! You will find 50 of those free watercolor background in this post.

The background is one the importance part of any design project. Whether it’s a website design, an app, graphic, or even a slideshow, the background is the base that helps you highlight the content of a design. Which is why should always choosing the right background for your designs.

To show you how good these backgrounds can look, we’ve handpicked a set of the best watercolor backgrounds, texture background and textures you can use for various kinds of projects or website — all of which can be downloaded and used in your own projects!

5 Beautiful Watercolor Background Vol.1

Featuring 5 different watercolor backgrounds with creative and colorful blue watercolor textures, this bundle will allow you to give a more authentic look to your designs.

5 Beautiful Abstract Watercolor Background Vol.2

This bundle comes with 5 unique watercolor background textures featuring creative watercolor designs mixed with a natural mixed light chocolate color. They are ideal for designing backgrounds for websites, social media, greeting cards, and much more.

29 Beautiful Abstract Background . Premium

The backgrounds in this premium pack feature a mix of unusual contemporary colors that makes them an ideal choice to use with luxury and high-end design projects.

5 Beautiful Colorful Background Vol.3

This bundle includes various styles of colorful watercolor textures with mixed light blue, red and yellow.

5 Beautiful One Color Background Vol.4

This 5 free watercolor texture features a creative hand-drawn design that will fit in nicely with your creative greeting card and social media background designs.

15 Beautiful Texture Background. Premium

A bundle of premum watercolor textures. This pack comes with 15 different background textures that are available in high resolution. You can use them to design all kinds of backgrounds for website and digital media projects.

5 Beautiful Green Background Vol.5

If you’re looking for green colorful watercolor texture background, then this bundle will give you not one, not two, but 6 backgrounds to choose from.

5 Beautiful Watercolor Background Vol.6

A collection of bright abstract watercolor backgrounds. This pack features a set of 5 unique backgrounds featuring hot and bright colors for your projects.

5 Beautiful Watercolor Background Vol.7

This bundle comes with 5 different watercolor background textures featuring colorful light pink with authentic watercolor designs.

12 Beautiful Colorful Abstract Background. Premium

This collection of premium watercolor backgrounds feature designs with mixed and vibrant colors. It includes a total of 12 unique backgrounds that are available in high resolution JPEG files.

5 Beautiful Watercolor Background Vol.8

You can design everything from website backgrounds to app backgrounds, wallpapers, social media covers, and more using this 5 free pack of watercolor backgrounds. The mixed colored design will give your backgrounds a unique look as well.

5 Beautiful Texture Background Vol.9

The 5 free blue texture backgrounds in this bundle feature a stylish grunge-style texture that will surely add a unique touch to your design projects. It comes with 10 high-resolution backgrounds.

5 Beautiful Texture Background Vol.10

35 Beautiful Abstract Background. Premium

Another super premium collection of abstract watercolor backgrounds. The use of color and design of these backgrounds make them look like the textures are on fire. These will give your designs a truly original look.

All of the watercolor background mentioned above are free to download and you easily customize them in Adobe photoshop or Adobe Illustrator according to your needs.

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Happy Designing!

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